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Cheekyfolk are bright, detailed people engaged in a variety of energetic activities. Browse my Cheekyfolk clipart collection for ready-to-use illustrations for your business, special event, club, organization, church, or just a fun casual gathering. Downloads as low as $10!
OR...imagine your own personalized illustration drawn in this style for your logo. It's easy and affordable! Contact me today.
Swing dancers 1Swing dancers 2Dancing coupleSquare dancingBallerina reading 1Ballerina reading 2Ballerina reader 3Ballerina reader 4Scottish dancersBoys playing hand-held video gameConstruction man with laptopConstruction man with measuring tapeConstruction woman with laptopConstruction woman with measuring tapeGirls with digital deviceMan giving presentationMan giving projected presentationWoman/teacher giving presentation in the darkWoman/teacher giving presentationGirl picking apples